Unused module dependencies

Do you have a large project with a lot of modules? Adding a new dependency between modules is easy, removing one not so. You have to remove it, check that your build still runs, and repeat this for every dependency you suspect is not really needed.

Well, until now. In keeping with the tradition of starting a project and then abandoning it for a new idea, I’ve now developed an Intellij IDEA plugin which does just that – shows you module dependencies which are not needed.

Want to give it a go? Download the prebuilt plugin from github: https://github.com/asocaciu/idea-moduledependencies-plugin/blob/master/UnusedModuleDependencies.jar
Copy it in your IDEA plugins directory, restart IDEA and you’ll find the ‘Find unused module dependencies’ action under the Analyze menu.

Want to contribute? Here’s the code on github: https://github.com/asocaciu/idea-moduledependencies-plugin