Sans Hack Challenge 2016 – the 7th audio

Right, so let’s continue last post and look at getting the final audio file.

Running nmap -sC gets me something very interesting, namely a .git directory, that’s accessible over http:

443/tcp open https
| http-git:
| Git repository found!

I can get its contents like this:
wget --no-check-certificate --mirror -I .git
At this point I only have the git history, but no files. No problem, I can get the files as follows:
git checkout -- . restores all files from git history

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SANS Hack Challenge 2016

Ok, time for something new now. For the past 2 years I’ve been doing (rather irregularly) security assessments. It’s quite a new thing to me, compared to the 14 years I’ve spent doing software engineering. Still I’ve already learnt a lot and got some great results and huge customer satisfaction in my security related assignments.

This year, just as last year, I took part in the SANS holiday hack challenge: . The SANS team spent a lot of effort creating a whole browser game, combining graphics, music, gameplay and hacking. It turned out great!
Since the challenge is over, I can now publish my writeup.
The plot of the challenge is that someone kidnapped Santa, so you have to find Santa and the villain who did it. As a starting point you get a Twitter and an Instagram handle: @SantaWClaus
Eventually you will need to find 7 mp3 audio files, which are stored on various hosts, and complete the challenges from the browser game.

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